Areas of Work


health display

Misconceptions and stereotyping are the major challenges faced by patients suffering from HIV and Tuberculosis among others. Various awareness drives have been undertaken to create awareness on these diseases, challenges the social stereotyping and initiate a change in attitude towards the patients among the community people. 

We have been working for implementation of both preventive and curative strategies through awareness creation among couples, sex workers and grassroot workers on safe sex, ways how one get affected so as to create a positive attitude towards the PLHIV (People living with HIV) community. 

Baitarani has also undertaken awareness programme on Directly Observed Therapy System (DOTS) remedy for TB patients through wall painting and graffiti at all health institutions and Government buildings. Similar drives have also been undertaken for Malaria. 

Along with the long term activities, Baitarani also support the poor and vulnerable for public health facilities as and when required. 



livelihood display

Baitarani uses micro edit tool as the main economic tool. We have supported promotion of livelihood opportunities for women through Self Help Groups (SHGs) for the SC/ST and BPL families, facilitated bank linkages to promote income generation activities, marketing facilities of SHG products through marketing avenues, sale kiosks, exhibitions and capacity building. 

We have also supported agriculture dependent community through distribution of low cost agricultural equipment, vegetable kits and skill training. 




Our activities are broadly guided by women issues and women empowerment strategies. Baitarani majorly undertakes discussions and deliberations on social and economic barriers like dowry system, violence against women, gender inequality, women's property rights, health and hygiene issues. We also undertake self empowerment strategies for women by supporting vocational trainings for women, support to Self Help Groups through facilitating marketing linkages.