Reid eScooter FAQS

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I buy an eScooter?

The need for a sustainable, lightweight, personal mode of transport has never been higher due to the demands of our environments. The eScooter is the perfect solution for this, offering a great, eco-friendly alternative to inner city travel.


Can I change the underdeck lighting?

Can the E4 and E4 Plus be ridden in the rain?

Both the E4 and E4 Plus are IPX4 rated meaning they are resistant to water splashes from any direction, we would not recommend riding them in heavy rain or through deep puddles as there are not completely waterproof.

Are the handlebars height adjustable?

The handlebars are not height adjustable, the E4 and E4 Plus are comfortably suitable for riders 5′ to 6’5″.

How long does the battery last?

The battery will maintain initial performance for the first 500 charge cycles and after that, it will start to decline like all lithium batteries do.

How do you enable cruise control?

Hold down the throttle continuously for 8 seconds when ‘walk mode’ is enabled in the app

How fast do they go? Can you make them go faster?

We have set the limit to 25kph to be in line with the EU regulation for eBike speeds and what we believe is safe, this cannot be increased.

How do I connect to the app?

Please follow the Instructions on our eScooter App Page

General Maintenance

How do I build my eScooter?

If you have ordered your eScooter from home delivery, then you will need to take the final steps to finish building your eScooter before you ride. We recommend taking it to a professional to be built, but otherwise we include instructions in the box on how to do this. If you have lost the instructions, then you can see them again below and download them at the bottom of this page.

Build a Scooter


Do I need to regularly tighten the bolts?

Yes. Like anything with moving parts, bolts can come loose over time. Handlebars should be checked every ride, and you should do a quick check on the allen key bolts for the head unit (on the side of the steerer) and the folding mechanism each week.

Where does the silicone gasket go?

The silicone gasket goes within the folding mechanism and helps to negate any vibrations that may damage it.

Does the battery need to be flat to charge it? 

No. In fact, we recommend charging your battery at every opportunity you can in order to maximise your eScooters battery life. It is also recommended to aim to keep the battery above 50% for as much of the time as possible, or when left for a prolonged period not being used.

How do you enable cruise control?

Hold down the throttle continuously for 8 seconds when ‘walk mode’ is enabled in the app

How do I clean my eScooter?

Cleaning your eScooter regularly is a great way to keep it well maintained. We recommend using a lightly damped cloth or toothbrush to wipe away any dust or dirt that has piled up during your ride.

Fixing A Problem

Is my eScooter under warranty?

Your eScooter has a one year warranty from the date of purchase. Should something go wrong with your eScooter within this period, please contact us and we will work to repair or replace as soon as possible.

How do I diagnose an error code on the E4 and E4 Plus?

E4 & E4 Plus Error Codes

Untitled design 2021 06 09T094207.018 - Reid ® - eScooters FAQ

How do I diagnose an error code on the Boost?

Boost Error Codes

1 6 - Reid ® - eScooters FAQ 2 6 - Reid ® - eScooters FAQ


How do I diagnose an error code on the Glide?

Glide Error Code

Glide Error Images

How do I replace the battery?

How do I replace the controller?

How do I replace a wheel?

How do I adjust the rear disc brake?

How do I replace the throttle?

How do I fix the front wheel from locking?

How do I tighten my handlebars?

How do I replace the steerer tube and folding mechanism?

My eScooter isn’t charging, what should I do?

The wires connected to the charging port may be loose, which although highly unlikely, can happen through rough handling during shipping or when riding over rough surfaces. Please take your eScooter back to your local bike shop to have this fixed, or refer to the errors section of our owner’s manual (below, or downloadable at the bottom of the page) which will show you how to connect these back. If the problem persists, please get in contact with us directly.

New E4 Owners Manual 5 - Reid ® - eScooters FAQ

My eScooter isn’t reaching its top speed, what should I do?

The first port of call is to check which speed mode you’re in, which is numbered 1 to 3 and will be in the middle of your display. Speed 1:  9km/h | Speed 2:  18km/h | Speed 3:  25km/h. To change speed press the button below the display. If you’re eScooter is in Speed 3 but not reaching 25km/h on flat ground and you are average weight and height, then please get in contact with us directly    

My scooter is cutting in and out intermittently, what should I do?

There is a strong chance it’s as simple as a loose connection. We will have a video on this soon.

I have an issue not listed above, what should I do?

Please contact us directly and we will do everything we can to assist you and solve any issue for you.

Needing a new part?

Where can I get spare parts?

Please get in touch with your retailer if purchased through a physical store, or contact us directly if purchased online and we will assist you. This could be via your retailer or directly with us depending on which online retailer you purchased from.

I lost my charger, where can I get a replacement?

Please get in touch with us directly and we will pass your information to our distributor of your region who carries spares for purchase.

I’ve lost one of the screws on the side of the head unit that joins the long steerer tube, where can I get a replacement?

The screw is called an M5 x 12mm screw (D=5mm L=12mm P= 0.8mm) and they are readily available online or at your local DIY store. Or contact us directly and we will be happy to send them directly to you.

E4 Owner’s Manual

E4 Plus Owner’s Manual

Glide Owner’s Manual

Boost Owner’s Manual

Overdrive Owner’s Manual

Reid eScooter Video Series

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